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WorldCom Online Marketing stands to earn millions for just a dollar a day through our Web Mall of Cyber Centers that generate web stores for online advertising and product sales

Our company is tapping into a trillions-of-dollars-a-year web industry by becoming a one-stop shop and one of the largest Cyber Center web store operators that generate websites for our affiliates and create links that develops a wide consumer base for products and services that ensure mutually aggressive sales for all stakeholders involved.

WorldCom Online Marketing forms a massive community of users by featuring dominant advertising for value-based products in the websites that we create, and where suitable and actively maintained content is provided to match our affiliate companies and their target markets. We offer a consolidated system of technical innovation and manpower to operate Cyber Centers that inform, promote and direct traffic to our sites. Online business owners gain benefits as these Cyber Centers link you to an infinite number of web stores and audiences, thereby generating large returns from purchases made, while we and our investors earn from pay per click revenue and commissions from sales as well.

The business of online advertising can sometimes be just too complicated for very little returns. Our company assures, with our technical know-how and our extensive manpower that making profits will be a breeze. Our goal is to simplify online advertising campaigns, and yet maintain the efficacy of ads to drive target markets to our partner companies. As a result, online entrepreneurs easily make sales from the immense number of visits that we create from our effective and reliable advertising model.

At the same time our company and our investors are given an opportunity to reach a myriad of clientele from the billions of Internet users worldwide, and a broad range of industries, all under one roof.

WorldCom Online Stores works hard to create places where visitors feel comfortable in giving out confidential information; and to provide visitors such excellent service through highly informative and entertaining content, as well as premium products that they will recommend your store to friends, family and associates. We are your partner in making sure continuous traffic is sent to websites as well as to maintain them to ensure that customers can keep on visiting them for repeat sales.

We are an online website that gives you something that will never be possible in other conditions—an inexpensive sales channel, direct to consumers with every product on the planet available for them to buy online.

Your very own Web Mall is at WorldCom Online Marketing. Our capabilities make possible what small online businesses are unable to do. With our Cyber Center system and the hundreds of people in our pool of web designers, writers and specialists in the Philippines which we call Pod 77s, we are able to make profits in millions from pay per click rates and shares from sales at an extremely conservative estimate of just a dollar a day.

WorldCom Online Marketing represents the future of retail and advertising, and the future of online investments. We are in the business of making life easier, more meaningful and ultimately, much more gratifying for you.

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Online Marketing Does IT All

We sell, refer, and link our company to every product being sold in the world online, while generating commissions, referral fees, not to mention our ability to build thousands of online stores every day, simultaneously driving millions of people to our sites while improving our web sites’ rankings on Google and other top search engines.

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Revenue Payouts

With the Internet, there are endless possibilities and chances to make money and even to find a profitable niche to even create your very own empire. The only problem is that with the scope and breadth of the Internet, competition is high and without specialized technical knowledge, as well experience, even a good business with a solid concept will eventually fade away. The objective is to create widespread visibility and capture the attention of your target market or audience by ensuring that your business is ranked at the top of search engines.

Our primary method of gaining new customers for online sales will be throughour general Reseller Affiliate Programs, Pay per Click Advertising, and other affiliated sources.

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