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About Us

WorldCom Online Marketing is the first company to ever create Cyber Centers that create website content and direct traffic to these websites, in effect directing a huge number of visits to our numerous of web stores offering advertisement space and sales of merchandise of various commodities worldwide. We are creating a global Web Mall where virtually all manner of products and services are found for end users and shoppers and where these are promoted in the massive number of websites that we generate.

The technical knowledge and the manpower from our New Era Web Team strengthens our capabilities to ensure excessively huge returns for just half the cost of what it would take to operate in the US. Our Cyber Centers consist of Pod 77s which create and maintain websites that are ideal for advertising campaigns to haul a big number of visitors to each site, thereby resulting in lucrative sales and commissions from pay per click and reseller affiliate contracts.

Each Pod member in fact is committed to creating 30 websites a day, and even if a site gets just a dollar of sales daily, this still results in a multi-million dollar enterprise. Take note though that in a simple and single Cyber Center, there are only 7 Pods which is also made up of 7 members each, the creation of multiple Cyber Centers then can only account for an enormous return for all investors and WorldCom Online Marketing. 

Factor into the computations all of the moneyed incentives that come from purchases made by online shoppers globally—our company and investors are looking at nearly a billion dollars in profits annually.

Our Mission

WorldCom Online Marketing is spearheading the development of Cyber Centers, employing hundreds of technicians, writers and web experts in each of our Pod 77s that will operate and manage the multitude of web stores, bringing about massive traffic to them and from where we advertise your products and services to the billions of worldwide Internet users. Mutual benefits arise from sales of products from online shoppers as well as pay per click dividends and commissions from our partner affiliates.

Inevitably, we offer reliable service to both consumers and businesses alike, with our commanding and eye-catching visuals and graphics, plus our informative articles for shoppers and end users. These ensure a broad scope of audiences drawn into clicking our reseller affiliate ads.  Articles and product reviews from our websites also offer valuable material that allows visitors to stay a while and enjoy reading our posts.

A captive market is never a liability for any enterprise, so the immediate increase in the number of visits seen a a palpable reward for stock investments made to WorldCom Online Marketing.

Our Vision

WorldCom Online Marketing’s vision is to become one of the largest Cyber Center developers of web stores that will be part of a dynamic and extremely lucrative enterprise that spells millions up to even billions of dollars in revenue from an industry with a healthy and steady growth forecast. All this also from a fraction of an investment made.

Our endeavor is that Cyber Centers, comprised of Pods of technicians who build an extensive network or web community of a multitude of web stores advertising and selling wares; their target clientele; our partner and affiliate programs; our investors and, our technical expertise in performing as a conduit to make these transactions easier and to direct consistent and huge amounts of traffic to these websites. All this is made possible through WorldCom Online Marketing.

Just as super malls in the real world contain all manner of shops from restaurants to retail stores for all types of goods and even amenities, WorldCom Online Marketing provides an endless selection of products and services available online, better than super malls where the biggest might only have hundreds of shops you can check out. With our global Web Mall, the offerings and possibilities are limitless. Likewise, we bring these opportunities online, and as the cliché goes: with just a click of a button.   

We earn our customers' trust and following by offering only the highest quality web stores with the highest quality products. Our reputation is lies also and the excellent service that we provide in website construction and upkeep as well as strategic advertising that we also benefit from via pay per click or reseller affiliate commissions. On our part, we want to be able to bring our public only the best value for their time and money.

Our site is not only a conduit for shoppers and businesses to conduct transactions, but also an information hub where our panel of industry experts writes review articles of brands and goods. They give advice on product trends and market movements that can help make you as a consumer or as a business owner to make smart decisions about your money and about the direction of your company’s future. Aside from these, there are also other articles written and designed to fit our target markets’ interests to also ensure that visitors to our sites will find enjoyment and benefit from the information that they get from our sites.

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