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Company Overview

WorldCom Online Marketing aims to perform as your Global Personal Shopper and become one of the largest Cyber Center developers of web stores as it dips into a multi-trillion dollar industry with a generous growth rate, projected to continue into the future. We are an international Web Mall which revolutionizes the online retail and advertising industry as we know it.

Generally speaking, the web is no different than the rest of the world--it's real, and there are millions of consumers out there looking for your product every day and millions of websites competing for those customers. This means that you can't just build your online store and leave it, you have to work hard to bring visitors to your store.

A business on the Internet therefore, is just like any other regular business, with the only difference is that it's a lot cheaper and open to the world.
On the same note, buyers rely on the Internet as an easier way to patronize their trusted brands and even to explore other products that they can use to add value to their lives or their loved ones. While the net does have its conveniences, there are still limitations that persist. In an ever-expanding cyber world, online businesses also have to contend with an ever-decreasing attention span from the people browsing the net.

Eventually, these obstacles only result in low sales and untapped resources, not to mention, a lot of unhappy customers.

WorldCom Online Marketing provides two-fold benefits to consumers and our partner companies: First, for the purchasers, we eliminate persistent problems that are commonly faced when shopping online such as security and privacy issues, and distracting pop-up adverts that derail you from reading an article or accessing information. We ensure that the websites that we construct are data-filled and legitimately run and monitored. This careful attention to content ensures relief from pesky ads that lead to nowhere. Our website articles also offer exciting and relevant information that entices a visitor to linger and enjoy reading the material.

We also use our innovative technology developed by our web experts to ensure that our sites stay on top of lists in web browsers or search engines like Yahoo!, Google and others through the legitimate and maintained actively maintained content that our Pod 77 teams create. Generally, our business portfolio includes developing web stores with key search terms in the URL, developing content for web stores, using in-house classified software to help acquire and build top content, creating links through experienced SEOs, continually adding new content and new advertisements and products that guarantee multiple and lingering visits from potential clients or buyers.

WorldCom Online Marketing itself generates revenues through pay per click advertisement in cooperation with our affiliates as well as product sales through our exhaustive collection of merchandise.

In other words, all parties concerned find value for their money under one site. We have made online shopping experiences and running promotions for online stores much more productive and much easier—ultimately spelling success from all ends of the enterprise.  

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