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What sells online?

That is probably the most asked question. The answer is hard work! Based on WorldCom Online Marketing experience, the difference between one store and another depends a lot more on how hard you work than on what you are selling.

For example, Store “A” and Store “B” sell exactly the same products, but store “A” sells five times as much as Store “B”. The reason is, Store “A” works a lot harder. They work on their site almost every day, and they also do more to promote it.

Obviously people and work ethic is the decisive factor, but what you sell matters too. As a general rule, whatever sells in print catalogs will also sell on the Internet and can bring in big dollars.

If the customer just has to see something before buying it, then you probably can't sell it in a print catalog, or online. Otherwise, you should be able to sell almost anything.

It's true that more men use the Internet now than women, so if you sell something that men buy, you are likely to have a slight edge. Someone who works with computers is almost certain to have web access, so anything computer-related is likely to do comparatively well.  Internet users are richer and better educated than the population as a whole, so luxury items may do well.

But these trends are not set in stone. When televisions first became available, the first buyers were probably richer and more technologically inclined than the population as a whole. But TV rapidly became mainstream and the same thing is happening to the web.

Having said that, more important than the type of products you sell is the size of the niche you choose.  You have to choose a niche small enough that you can dominate. For example, if you were a tiny company, it would probably be a mistake to try selling top-40 CDs online. You would have a hard time competing with CDNOW. But you would probably have a chance at becoming the site for European folk music.

However, the magic in online marketing is to contract with CDNOW or other big web stores so they will allow you the use of their sites and to give you a commission for selling their products as well as referring customers to their store.

How does WorldCom Online bring in buyers?

As always, the solution is to put oneself in the customer's place. If you were someone looking to buy online, where would you be?

A year ago, there was no definite answer - maybe a search engine, maybe a site related to the kind of stuff you sell. But recently, Internet hubs like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN have been setting up areas just for shopping.

They vary a lot in quality. Some are, so far, just pages of links. But in the long term (and even the fairly short term) this is where shoppers will go to look for products online.

The biggest source of traffic is probably still general-purpose web searches. WorldCom online Marketing submits thousands of sites automatically everyday to all the major search engines.
How do I get my site to appear first in the search engines?

WorldCom Online Marketing uses a software and people to keep our websites sitting in the number one spot on all these search engines.

As a general rule, someone searching for "chocolate" is more likely to get a page in your site if the word chocolate appears often on that page, especially if it appears in the title. But it will not work simply to have your page begin with the word "chocolate" repeated 100 times. Most search engines filter out sites that try that. The best approach is to use key words frequently in your site, but not in a way that appears unnatural.

Most online stores can also profit by getting links from related sites. The best way to get other sites to link to you is to give them a percentage of the sales generated by that link. Industry leaders like Amazon.Com have used this technique with great results.

Which sites should you get links from?

Put yourself in your customer's position. If you are selling Star Trek merchandise, go to Google and search for "star trek.” The sites you get sent to are the same ones your customers will get sent to, so those are where you want to start asking for links.
Another way to get traffic is to buy banner ads that lead to your site. For example, you can buy banner ads on search engines that are tied to particular keywords. When you search for "books" in many search engines, you will see a banner ad for

How does WorldCom Online continually stay on top?

We do this with tracking tools. Good tracking tools that can tell you where all your visitors come from, and how much visitors from each source spend.
For example, Google Analytics tracking tools can even tell you which search keywords your visitors used in search engines, and how much money people searching for each phrase spent.

The real reason WorldCom Online Marketing does so well is they drive traffic and earn big commissions for selling products with no factory, inventory or shipping costs.

The awesome power of using Cyber Centers consist of pods and those pods create websites, content, videos, and traffic while keeping our stores on the top of the 8 largest search engines.

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