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How it works
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How it works

WorldCom Online Marketing does IT all

We sell, refer, and link our company to every product being sold in the world online, while generating commissions, referral fees, not to mention our ability to build thousands of online stores every day to enhance pay per click advantages while simultaneously driving millions of people to our sites while improving our web sites’ rankings on Google and other top search engines.

Before the Internet, if you wanted to sell directly to consumers you had to create a product, build retail stores, or do catalog mailings. In either case the entry fee to start these companies would be hundreds of thousands—if not millions of dollars. As we have invested in the Philippines, the cost to start this business at a marginal rate has been easily possible. This makes certain also that our low initial outlay can induce very attractive profit margins.

Furthermore, in the physical world, niches are based on geography. One might often buy food at the corner store near one’s house, despite the small selection and high prices. If this store were more than 100 yards away, a potential customer might never buy anything there. In the physical world, proximity is king.
Not on the Internet.

On the Web, you can sell direct to consumers worldwide for a hundred dollars a month. The fact is, hard work and people drive online stores. Again, building Cyber Centers, just as WorldCom Online Marketing has established, you can exploit this opportunity and easily make millions.

Geography is almost irrelevant on the Internet. Niches on the Internet are based on what you sell, not where you are.

It is no accident that the people who visit your site are called "web surfers.” They have the same short attention span as TV "channel surfers.” The average visitor to a web site looks at only three or four pages before going somewhere else. Visitors will leave at the slightest obstacle.

For example, should online shoppers be expected to remember a user ID and password for every online store they visit?
Most major sites have learned not to require registration. They have also learned not to use frames. Frames are a lot more gratifying to the site designer than the visitor. To visitors, frames are merely confusing. Another big disadvantage of frames: many search engines don't index sites that use frames. So using frames will decrease the amount of traffic you get from search engines.

In fact, the more important the websites are, the simpler the design should be. Most of your visitors will not start at your front page. Most of your hits will come from search engines, and when someone searches for a phrase, they are sent directly to the page in your site that contains that phrase. In other words, most of your visitors will drop right into the middle of your site, like paratroopers.

So if you want people to visit and order from your site, don't put any obstacles in their way.

The design of your site has to tell them immediately where they are, and what their choices are. Most major sites solve this problem by putting a row of buttons at the top or down the side of each page. Somewhere, usually at the top of the page, they include a small version of their logo. This logo serves two purposes: it brands the site, and it serves as a link back to the homepage.

WorldCom Online Stores put these links at the top of the page to prevent new arrivals from having to scroll down to the bottom of the page just to find out where they've landed.

Every online store should be searchable, and there should be a search button on the home page, if not on every page. Every store with less than 2,000 pages should also have an alphabetical index.

However, having a great web site is not enough. You also have to bring people to it.

Promoting an online store is different from promoting an ordinary web site. You're not just looking for hits. You're looking for sales. While it's always a good thing to bring more people to your site, what you really need are buyers.

You don't need to pay a service to submit your site to hundreds of search engines and indices, because there are only 8 that matter: Google, Yahoo!, AltaVista, Excite, MSN, WebCrawler, Infoseek and HotBot. All other search engines and indices might account for 1% of your hits, combined.

In comparison to this, WorldCom Online Marketing submits thousands of sites automatically every day to all the major search engines.

Essentially, we give you High Quality Content, Value for Customers, Usability, a Broad Traffic Base, Credibility, & Reputation you can rely on.

This is all made possible with our New Era Web Team which has a combined total of 10 years of experience in website development and generating traffic, HTML Coding, Website Design, SEO, Link Building and Article Writing and Distribution. They manage the Pod 77s that we have installed to ensure quality service on our part and ultimately execute the company’s business endeavors.

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