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Products and Services

WorldCom Online Marketing showcases only top-of-the-line merchandise from various web stores worldwide and advertisement space that ensures effective product and brand recall, as well as consistent and continuous visits to our websites, inevitably raising company assets from pay per click advertising and reseller affiliate shares.

Our Products

  • Web stores. We make a point of creating web stores that are user-friendly and easily searchable by all top search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Hotbot, AltaVista, Infoseek and others. Product selections include the best in their industry that are also among the most popular and sellable. Our web stores are also maintained to keep the top spots in the said search engines to direct visits to us. Moreover, our Pod 77 team members assure at least 30 websites constructed a day to maximize profit margins for all stakeholders.
  • Advertisement space. Web stores created will include our ingenious software and our Pod 77 team or writers and web specialists that ensure a large amount of daily traffic from online shoppers. Our company offers the most ideal placement that is best suited to represent our partner industries.
  • Articles. These segments offer advice and guidance to users and target markets for products (and other related items) they are browsing, or even entertaining blogs about life or practically anything under the sun. These articles serve as the venue for our dominant advertising style and to also ensure that visitors are able to read something worthwhile. Most importantly though, these articles are regularly checked and supplemented to ensure captured readers or audiences.
  • Product Reviews. Engaging write-ups for featured merchandise or businesses encourage consumers to participate in ensuring that only the best is found in our web stores. These reviews offer guided comparisons of retail items that favor consumer tastes and lifestyles, as well as reliable information on various products and services. Aside from this, there are also other types of content that are written by our panel of writers to ensure suitable, effective and interesting blogs.

Our Services

  • High Quality Content. All web stores will use ingenious software that will search, gather, absorb and paste content for number one selling products of the highest quality to the exact target audience. Our version has been carefully made and tested by our expert web specialists who have devised reliable solutions to the common problems contained in other methods or software. Our huge team also assures the freshness and the suitability of the websites’ content to ensure return visits and patronage.
  • Value. People will only go to websites which offer something of value. All of our websites will showcase only the best items for our websites—whether these are products for your home and each member of the family, or for industrial or commercial purposes.  We also ensure that your browsing experience with us is worthwhile by adding features articles from our resident bloggers and the panel of experts in various relevant fields who may offer advice and other informative material through their regular web articles on our sites.
  • Usability. Providing advertisement space and number one products online shoppers want, only works if the websites use attractive and enticing advertisements as well as user friendly web stores that makes browsing very easy. Ensuring the usability of the web stores adds to the advantageous characteristics that visitors will appreciate from our site.
  • Community. The success of our Cyber Center of web stores depends greatly on the products we are selling, advertisement rental space and the amount of traffic we acquire to our sites. Because the revenue sources are from pay per click figures and purchasing products, maximizing traffic on the web stores is critical to its success. By building web stores that include number one selling products from around the world, advertisement space and using ingenious software to maintain the number one position on search engines will generate traffic and links from other sites. WorldCom Online Marketing simply creates an expansive convergence of companies and their end users in one community at the same time, sustaining our enterprise via pay per click revenue and shares from purchases made.
  • Credibility. Since the web stores being developed are using mass amounts of products and advertisement rental space targeted towards online shoppers from around the world, credibility is a key success factor. For us, we earn the trust of our clientele by building reliable and truly valuable and useful websites that function tot inform or educate and entertain them.
  • Reputation. WorldCom Online Marketing web stores generate traffic on the Internet through advertisements, search engine optimization, visibility in social networking sites and word of mouth. Establishing a reputation as online marketing geniuses and providing number one selling products to online shoppers is a key to the success of this business and its longevity in the fickle and volatile online environment. For us, our corporate integrity too is of utmost importance and this translates to the high quality service that we provide to both consumers and retailers.

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