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Revenue Resources

With the Internet, there are endless possibilities and chances to make money and even to find a profitable niche to even create your very own empire. The only problem is that with the scope and breadth of the Internet, competition is high and without specialized technical knowledge, as well experience, even a good business with a solid concept will eventually fade. The objective is to create widespread visibility and capture the attention of your target market or audience by ensuring that your business is ranked at the top of search engines.

When people need something from online stores, they go to search engines like Google, Yahoo and others to help them sort the most relevant for their needs.  If your business is not on top, then this essentially dooms your enterprise. As such, WorldCom Online Marketing is taking the lead in revolutionizing the solutions that will not only benefit our own company but also our investors and various end users for different online companies.  Our sites are also designed to give netizens informative articles that can educate consumers and to entertain them with amusing and engaging reads. The content is periodically and consistently reviewed and new posts are made to facilitate loyal readership and return patronage.

Our primary method of gaining new customers for online sales will be through our general Reseller Affiliate Programs, Pay per Click Advertising, and other affiliated sources.

Secondary methods to gain new customers are through networking and word of mouth.  That is why there is a high premium that we place on the integrity of our business as it creates a credible reputation that gain the trust of our general audience or target markets. Furthermore, by creating a solid foundation for the business to grow from, so will our community of affiliate partners at rely on our technical knowhow and premium service rendered to guarantee repeat business. This creates a snowballing effect, not only on the increase of member clients but also in the increase in the sales made by these establishments and ultimately, ours as well.

On the other hand, WorldCom Online Marketing’s primary method to gain new retail customers will be through using retail sites such as Amazon, Yahoo, and eBay, along with using search engines that will lead potential customers back to our web site. Repeat wholesale businesses will be earned by providing our customers with excellent service, repeated direct contact between us and them, and direct marketing. For our existing customers, we will continue to plug our name using promotional items such as posters, calendars, and t-shirts, all with our company name and logo. Repeat retail business will be earned providing our customers with excellent service, discount offers, and direct marketing (catalogs, brochures, fliers and sale letters).

To buttress these, our company’s sales activities include developing methods of reaching clients, analyzing competitive differences and optimizing resources available. Tactics involve day to day web store creating, in-house software search engine pusher of web stores, affiliate programs and enough manpower to handle web stores 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.

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